Benefits of a LPR Camera System

LPR camera systems have many applications and can provide your department with numerous benefits. LPR systems provide an unparallelled level of additional security to your enforcement area.

- Recovery of stolen vehicles has never been easier, a dedicated LPR system can actively search it’s database for license plates

- Easily identify suspended or revoked drivers/registrations

- AMBER Alert tracking

- Track gang and other criminal movement

- Enhance traffic safety

- Assist in homeland security initiatives and terrorist interdiction

- Secure areas with geofencing

Over time your LPR system will collect valuable behavioral information and traffic patterns. Such information can provide valuable insight into investigations, past and present, as well as serve as a unique database for other city projects. It is because of this that LPR systems can easily pay for themselves, a reliable system from PC Surveillance will serve you for many years.

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