PC Surveillance is experienced in offering LPR consultation, system design, and even installation. Whether you are looking for just one service or the whole package, PC Surveillance can assist you from A-Z.


Work one on one with one of our experts to evaluate your security needs and develop plans for an efficient and cost effective LPR camera solution for your municipality or business.


With over a decade’s worth of surveillance experience, PC Surveillance can design an LPR camera surveillance system for you around your existing infrastructure and within your budget. PCS LPR systems are designed to be both cost effective and user friendly, as well as expandable as your needs grow.



We install systems nationally, and are experienced in working with many different types of industries and locales. PC Surveillance is a trusted name in security, allow our team to install a PCS LPR system for you and not only can you be sure that it will run flawlessly but it will also cost less.



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