PC Surveillance offers a wide variety of different camera options, we even sell them direct on our online store!

By specializing in a variety of different cameras you can be sure your LPR system from PC Surveillance will designed to meet your needs and you will not be receiving merely a “one size fits all” LPR system.

The FPH-900 is an all-in-one ALPR camera that can automatically read and log license plates. The system is fully integrated into an IP65 case that looks just like a standard CCTV camera. It shoots detailed, clear, color images at a wide angle.

  • ¬†Reads up to 1,800 license plates per minute
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Wireless connectivity






PC Surveillance LPR systems come with the latest software. Our in house support staff can assist your team in learning everything you need to know about how to use your new LPR system software. And remember we offer lifetime technical support on every project we do!


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